Juggler Yoshi  ジャグラー ヨシ

Juggler Yoshi

Birth: 1989/05/07
From: Tokyo
Height: 162.5cm
Weight: 46.5kg
Blood Type: A
Skills: Ball, Diabbolo, Baloon, Magic ete...


Come across a hyper yoyo at the age of a second grader (8 years old); between friends of the performance show it to each other. I go to be awarded the authorization of the yoyo on every Sunday and become the professional spinner. I often show a hyper yoyo with a friend by the event in the elementary school. A jag ring tool is released by the sales agency of the hyper yoyo and is absorbed in it afterwards. It is taught the existence of other tools by an exercise friend and has you introduce a shop. I come across every jag ring tool and I practice the jag ring every day and am active as a performer including a local event around Saitama / the Tokyo neighborhood.





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